Windows Zone Properties

1.Explain Zone Properties?

Zone properties:

Name Server - Existing DNS server’s address Zone transfer

General (status, type, aging, Dynamic Update)

SOA (Serial no., Responsible person, refresh interval)

WINS (existing WINS address, used for NetBIOS resolution)




2.How to implement round robin?

Useful when the DNS has multiple NICs to listen to the queries all NICs. If the query is not resolvable by one NIC it can be listened by another NIC.


Implementing Round Robin:

DNS server properties:




Assigning multiple IPs to the NIC. By going to TCP/IP properties – advanced –




Add – multiple IPs – ok (ex.,,

Open DNS create 3 more host records with the IPs created above.



Go to command prompt.For clearing DNS cache.

C :\> ipconfig /flushdns



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