Windows Server Administration Interview Questions


1.What is a Server?

2.What is the difference between client and server operating systems?

3.Microsoft Server operating systems history?

4.What are the different flavors of windows server 2008 and 2012?

5.Tell me about different kind of servers/Components which we can configure in Windows servers?

Active Directory and Services

1.What is Active Directory?

2.What is the purpose of Active directory services?

3.What is Authentication and Authorization?

4.What are the object types in AD?

5.Explain the objects in Active directory.

6.Explain Step by Step Installation of Active Directory?


Active Directory Installation in Windows

1.How to install Active Directory?

2.How to add a computer to domain?

3.How to Remove Active Directory?


Active Directory Tools

1.What are the components will be installed after installing active directory?


Configuration of Active Directory Services

1.What is Domain Controller?

2.How to Configure Active Directory Services or How to Promote a Server to the Domain Controller?


Active Directory Structure

1.Explain Active Directory structure?

2.Tell me about the physical structure of AD?


AD Sites and Services

1.How to implement sites?


AD Database

1.Where will the AD database be saved?

2.What are the logical partitions of NTDS.DIT? Explain each.


Replication in AD

1.How to schedule Replication?

2.What is Bridgehead servers?

3.What is KCC?

User Account Configuration

1.Types of User accounts?

2.How to create Domain User?

3.Explain Properties of User?

Group Account Configuration

1.What is Group and how to create it?

2.What is GUID and SID, Explain the differences?

3.What types of groups are there in Active Directory?


Windows User Profile

1.What is Profile and explain types of profiles?

2.What is Difference between Roaming and Mandatory profile?

3.What types of groups are there in Active Directory?

4.How to configure Roaming Profile?


Shares and Permissions

1.How to create a share and give permissions to a User or Group?

2.Explain about the permissions?

3.How to take ownership in a folder?

4.What is the home folder and how to configure it for a user?

5.What are the Default shares available in Servers?


Windows Group Policy Objects

1.What is Group policy?

2.What is GPO?

3.Explain GPO components?

4.How to implement policy on OU?

5.What is the sequence of the policy applied to the user when they logging in?

6.What is Policy inheritance?

7.What is Block Policy inheritance? And how to configure it.

8.What is No-Override and how to implement it?


Delegate Control

1.What is Delegate control and how to implement it?

2.What is folder redirection and how to configure it?

3.What are Account Lockout policies?


Software Deployment Policy

1.What is Software deployment?

2.How to Deploy a Software to the users using GPO?


Domain Name System Configuration

1. What services will DNS provide? How does DNSworks?

2. Explain Distributed, Hierarchical Database with a diagram?

3. What are TLD’s?

4. What are root servers and how many are they?

5. What is WINS?

6. What is NETBOIS name?

7. What is Difference between WINS and DNS?

8. What are LM Host files?

9. What is the location of host file?

10. What are DNS quires? Explain each.

11. Requirements for installing DNS?

12. How to install DNS?


Zones Setup

1. What is Zone?

2. What is Forward Lookup Zone?How to configure Forward Lookup Zone?

3. Tell me about the records in Forward lookup zone?< /p>

4. How to create a Host record?

5. How to create an Alias record?< /p>

6. What is Reverse Lookup zone?How to configure reverse lookup zone?< /p>

7. Tell me about the records in Reverse lookup zone?


Different Zones Configuration

1. In how many ways we can configure DNS server? Explain each?

2. How to configure secondary zone?

3. What is Zone transfer?How to configure Zone transfer?< /p>

4. How to configure AD integrated Zone?

5. How to configure Stub Zone?


Windows DNS Dynamic Updates

1.What about the Dynamic updates in DNS?

2.How to choose dynamic DNS update during zone setup?

Windows Zone Properties

1.Explain Zone Properties?

2.How to implement round robin?


DHCP Installation

1.How to install DHCP?


DHCP Scope and Configuration

1.How to configure DHCP Scope?

2.How to take the Backup and restore DHCP?