Policy Delegate Control

Group Policy Delegate Control

Policy delegate control means, giving Administrative privileges to a user to manage basic administrative tasks. This will reduce the workload on the administrator.

At the same time, it provides an opportunity to manage small activities by another group or user in the project team.

We can give Permissions like changing the password, modifying the user details etc


Implementing Delegation Control

⇒ Open Group Policy ManagementRight Click on Sales OUSelect Delegation ControlNew wizard will be openClick on Next






⇒ On the User and groups add a user Click on OK




⇒ Click on NextSelect tasks that he will give youClick on Next




⇒ Click Finish.




Folder Redirection in Windows Server

Let’s take an example configuration,

“we have implemented a mandatory profile for users that they shouldn’t store anything on the desktop.”

During this kind of requirement, folder redirection is very much handy. How?

Let’s see,In the above situation, unknowingly if users save any content on desktop, that saved desktop information will be saved in another location, which we have configured in folder redirection.

i.e, Folder redirection makes sure that users data is not lost due to policy settings.


Folder Redirection Setup

⇒ Create a Folder in shared folder in the serverthe folder was created and shared in the network




⇒ Open Group Policy ManagementSelect the Sales OUCreate a new GPOGive the name as Folder Redirectionok




⇒ Right, Click→Editon the group policy management windowselect User configuration→Policies→Windows settings→Folder Redirectionthere some folders are there...

⇒ Open desktopon the desktop→Go to propertiesselect Basic




Browse the Root path from the network and Click Apply OK


Account Lockout Policies.




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