Resource and Services Records

1.What are Resource records?

Resource records are useful to provide information about the zone.


There are a few types of resource records.

Host a record

Pointer record

Alias record

MX record

AAAA record ATMA

HINFO etc…


2.What are Service records?

These are also called as SRV records. These are useful for locating the services.

There are totally 6 service records created when we install AD. They are located in DNS under domain subtree.

When we install AD, the system automatically creates an AD integrated zone with the corresponding domain name.


Service Record types:

Msdcs: Contains the Domain controller’s information

Default site: Contains site name

Tcp: (server side) provides global catalog, Kerberos and LDAP information

Udp: (client side) provides Kerberos information

Domain DNS zone,Forest DNS zones both are the part of application partition. Provides DNS information in the entire forest.


Topics Summary