Active Directory Replication

Schedule Replication and Its Setup

Go to properties of Site Link.




Click on Change Schedule, and select the Schedule for replication.




Bridge Head Server

A Bridge Head Server is a Domain Controller in each site. Which is used,as a contact point to receive and replication of data between sites.

For Intersite replication, KCC designates one of the Domain Controller as a Bridge Head Server.In case the server is down KCC designates another one from Domain controller.


For example:

Let’s assume that, we have two sites US and China. And each site has 3 domain controllers.

Among three on each site, one domain controller acts as Bridgehead server which receives the replication data from other site and then it replicates to the other two DC’s within the same site.


How to Move ADC to other Site?

You can move the servers from one site to other by just right clicking on the server and select which site it needs to move.




Checking the Replication of Site

We can use the repadmin /showrepl command to verify successful replication to a specific domain controller.

To verify successful replication to a domain controller


Open a Command Prompt as an administrator:

On the Start menu right-click Command Prompt→ then click Run as administrator.

If the User Account Control dialog box appears, provide Domain Admins credentials, if required, and then click “yes” to Continue.

At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER.

repadmin /showrepl <servername> /u:<domainname>\<username> /pw:*


Replicating the Sites

Under site expand server name right click on NTDS Settings you will find the replication options




Knowledge Consistency Checker(KCC)

KCC is a service of active directory. KCC service is responsible for intimating, or updating the changes made either in DC or ADC.



The additional domain controller is a backup copy of domain controller.


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