DHCP Scope Configuration

DHCP Scope:

As we have seen the DHCP functionality, it allows the client to select an IP address from a set of the pool. This pool of starting and end point of IP address is considered as DHCP scope.

To put in other words “Scope is a range of IP addresses from which the DHCP server assigns IPs to the clients.“This can be configured manually.

Open DHCP console




Right Click on IPV4Select New Scope On the Welcome to the new Scope wizard Click on Next




Enter the Scope Name For_Windows7_Clients (I Am assigning to all the Windows 7 clients in our domain)




Enter the Range of IP of DHCP Server

Start IP-
Ending IP




Enter the IP Range and click on Next button.


2.How do we know the range of IPaddresses available for entering?

It will be part of Network design will get it from high-level engineers, if you are supporting at L2 and L3 activities.




2. What is the usage of exclusion facility?

Add the Exclusions if you don’t want any of the IP’s assigned dynamically, for example, if those IP’s are already assigned such as another DHCP server or if you want to use some IP's to assign as static.




Click on next enter the lease duration (keep it Default)




On the Configure DHCPOption wizard select as it is click on next On the Router (default Gateway) wizard add the IP address and click on add button.




Click on the Domain name and DNS Server.




On the wins server settingsClick on Next 




Click Yes to activate the scope




Click Finish




A new scope is added on the DHCP Server




Let’s see what will happen if this DHCP server is down ?Will there be any backup DHCP server?

Yes, the backup will be there with a same range of scope.


Backup of DHCP configuration:

a. In DHCP consoleRight click on server nameselect Backup




Browse the location to save the backup.






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