DHCP Installation

In this section, we should be clear with DHCP server installation process.


Installation of DHCP server on a windows machine

This process applicable for both Windows server 2008 & 2012 also.

Before we get started with any software installation, it is always best to keep note of pre-requisite things needed for installation.


Let’s look at the Pre-requisites required installing DHCP server,

a. Need to have aStatic IP assigned to it.

Why we need a static IP?

As a best practice, when renewing the IP address it will try to contact the original DHCP server which assigned the IP address and if that doesn’t work then will reach out to all the other DHCP servers.

b. Make sure system should be a member of (Domain controller) DC or Member Server.

c. Should have already configured DNS to it.

We want to make sure that DHCP server is in the proper network so that it can interact with other DHCP client machines.

d. The system is part of Active Directory.

Because DHCP server should be authorized before it assigns addresses to other DHCP client in the network. This is to avoid the rogue servers before they become a security threat.


Above are some, pre-checking should be done for DHCP installation.

Apart from these, there is no much of issue with hardware requirements as most of the hardware components, nowadays are far more supportive.

As checking are done, let’s get into the step by step installation procedure.


DHCP server Installation:

Step-1: Start Server Manager Click Add Roles Select






Step-2: Click Next Select DHCP Server Click Next




In the DHCP Server Wizard Click on Next




Step-3: On the Select Network Connection Bindings, Click on Next




1) On the specifyIPV4 DNS Setting, Click on Validate of Preferred DNS Server IPV4 Address Click on Next






2) On Specify IPV4 Wins Server Settings Select WINS is not required for application on this network and Click on Next




Select as It is of DHCP Stateless Mode and Click on Next




Specify as it is IPV6 DNS Server settings Click on Next




Set the admin credentials and Click on Next.




Click on Install 




Installation Completed Click on Close button




Click on DHCP server under add roles I the server manager




Go to Start Administrative Tools DHCP




Uninstalling a DHCP server from a windows server machine:

Go to Server managerRolesSelect Remove RolesUncheck DHCP in wizardNextFinish




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