Active Directory Installation in Windows

Assume we have a system, which we want to dedicate completely to active directory. Let’s look at some of the pre-requisites of active directory installations:



A computer is having Windows server 2008 or 2012 versions edition.



We can also install active directory on windows server 2003. But as they are no longer supported, it is best to go with windows server 2012.


Static IP Address must be assigned.Please refer to Static IP link for more understanding. 

DNS Server Should be installed beforehand. If it’s not installed already, then during Active directory installation we need to explicitly install it.


Best Practice:

Install DNS server before Active directory installation.

Minimum 5GB NTFS Partition of disk space is required.


Step by Step Installation of Active Directory:

Check all the Pre-requisites are fulfilled and Log in as Administrator.

First you need to ADD ROLE of “DNS” and Then “Active Directory Domain Services”.


DNS Server Installation:

Open server manager->Go to Roles Summary->Click On Add Roles->Then Add Roles Wizard will be open.


DNS Server Installation




Click on Next ->Server roles window

Select DNS Server




 Click on Next






Installation is successfully completed.




And Click on the Close button.


Active Directory Installation:

Now we have to add Another Role called Active Directory Domain Services

Open Server Manager -> Go to roles->Add Roles ->Select Active Directory Domain Services->




Click on Next button




Click next and click Install.




Installation successfully completed.




Click on the Close button.


Verification of Active Directory Installation:

 Right Click on My Computer->Properties->On the Computer name, Domain name, and workgroup setting

Domain name:

Go to Start menu >> Administrative Tools >> you will find all active directory services there.




Adding Computer Domain to Active Directory

On the client computer configure with IP and make sure you can ping the Domain controller from Client PC.

On Client Computer got to ‘MY COMPUTER’ properties

“Change settings”.




Click on “Change”.




Select Domain and type Domain name.




 Click on OK, it will ask for the admin credentials.

Give the username and password then enter.

After some time, you will get the popup like “Welcome to the domain”.

Once you restart the client, joining process will be completed.

To verify,go to the Add users and computers>> check in computers section.




Steps to remove active directory

On the Domain ControllerGo to Startopen RunType dcpromo /forceremoval.

A wizard will run Confirm ‘yes’ to remove AD.




Open Service ManagerClick Remove RolesFirst Select the DNS Service RoleRemovethen Select Active Directory Domain Service click Remove




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