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vnetwork & Distributed Switch Comparisions


These features are available with both types of virtual switches:

  • Can forward L2 frames.
  • Can segment traffic into VLANs
  • Can use and understand 802.1q VLAN encapsulation
  • Can have more than one uplink (NIC Teaming)
  • Can have traffic shaping for the outbound (TX) traffic


These features are available only with a Distributed Switch:

  • Can shape inbound (RX) traffic
  • Has a central unified management interface through vCenter Server
  • Supports Private VLANs (PVLANs)
  • Provides potential customization of Data and Control Planes


vSphere 5.x provides these improvements to Distributed Switch functionality:

  • Increased visibility of inter-virtual machine traffic through Netflow.
  • Improved monitoring through port mirroring (dvMirror).
  • Support for LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol), a vendor-neutral protocol.
  • The enhanced link aggregation feature provides choice in hashing algorithms and also increases the limit on the number of link aggregation groups.
  • Additional port security is enabled through traffic filtering support.
  • Improved single-root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) support and 40GB NIC support.


vSphere 6.0 provides these improvements to Distributed Switch functionality:

  • Network IO Control – New support for per virtual machine Distributed vSwitch bandwidth reservations to guarantee isolation and enforce limits on bandwidth.
  • Multicast Snooping - Supports IGMP snooping for an IPv4 packet and MLD snooping for IPv6 packets in VDS. Improves performance and scale with multicast traffic.
  • Multiple TCP/IP Stack for vMotion - Allows vMotion traffic a dedicated networking stack. Simplifies IP address management with a dedicated default gateway for vMotion traffic.

Why this 5.x & 6.0 distributed switch improvements…


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