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Add VMware Data Store

A data store is a manageable storage entity, usually used as a repository for virtual machine files including log files, scripts, configuration files, virtual disks, and so on.

vSphere supports two types of data stores, VMFS and NAS.

  • On Inventory go to Configuration >> Storage >> data stores
  • On the below screen we can see all the data stores assigned to selected ESXi host/Cluster.


Data Store1


  • Adding a Datastore to the Cluster/Host- Storage Teams will create a RAW LUN/Datastore from their end and populate on our ESXi host.

              As VMware admin, we need to add the data store to our ESXi host/Cluster, so that we can store VM’s or VM’s Data.

  • With ‘Add Storage’ option we add NFS/SAN data stores.



Data Store2


  • Select Add storage.


Data Store3


  • Select DISK/LUN to add a Fiber channel or ISCSI data stores.
  • Next


Data Store4


  • Select the LUN ID which is populated by VMware.
  • LUN ID: - An LUN (Logical Unit Number) is an identifier for a disk volume in a storage array target. Target and Device Representation.
  • Next


Data Store5


  • Select the VMFS

    • VMFS: - in Simple VMFS is like NTFS file system that we use to store our files on our Windows desktops.

    • VMware VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) is a cluster file system that facilitates storage virtualization for multiple installations of VMware ESX Server, a hypervisor that partitions physical servers into multiple virtual machines.

  • Next


Data Store6


  • Give Data store a Name >> Next


Data Store7


  • Select the Block Size
  • Specify the maximum file size for this ESXi data store.

In this example, we have selected 256GB as maximum file size with 1MB block size. Below are the other available options.

    • 256 GB, Block size: 1 MB

    • 512 GB, Block size: 2 MB

    • 1024 GB, Block size: 4 MB

    • 2048 GB, Block size: 8 MB
  • Next and Finish.

If we had select Network File System on the first screen of the wizard? Then, we need to fill the below details to add NFS data store.


Data Store8


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