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ESXi Host Inventory and Navigation

  • ESXi host inventory is the place where we can manage the virtual machines and their storage.
  • We can
    • Create Virtual machines

    • Install Operating system on Virtual machines

    • Manage the storage and Configuration of ESXi host and Virtual machine...Etc.

  •  To launch vSphere Client, Click on below icon on our desktop.

  • Enter the Address of ESXi host and root Credentials of the host.


ESXi Host Inventory1


  •  Click on login.


ESXi Host Inventory 2


  •  Click on Ignore certificate warning.


ESXi Host Inventory 3



ESXi Host Inventory 4


  •  Click on Inventory.


ESXi Host Inventory 5


  •  Ok, let go through the navigation/Menu of ESXi host.


ESXi Host Inventory 6


  •  On Summary Tab

    • In summary tab, we will find all the parameters of ESXi host.

    • We will find the ESXi host Hardware information.


ESXi Host Inventory 7


  • ESXi Operating system information.
  • Resources Information like CPU and Memory Usage.
  • Storage Information.
  • Network Information.


ESXi Host Inventory 8


And the options to Create and manage Virtual machines.


ESXi Host Inventory 9


ESXi Host Inventory 10


  •  On Virtual Machines Tab

    • In this tab, we can see the Virtual machines that are hosted on the ESXi host.

    • We can also find the virtual machine state (powered on/Off). etc.


ESXi Host Inventory 11


  •  On Resource Allocation tab

    On this tab, we monitor the virtual machines CPU, Memory, and Storage utilization.


ESXi Host Inventory 12


  •  On Performance Tab

    On this tab, we can monitor the ESXi host’s Resource utilization.


ESXi Host Inventory 13


  •  On Configuration Tab

    • Configuration tab allows us to Manage the Configurations of ESXi Host’s Hardware and software.

    • We are going discuss all these settings in the later part of course.


ESXi Host Inventory 14


  •  On Users Tab

    Will contain the user's list who have access to this ESXi host (Mostly Admins) and their access levels.


ESXi Host Inventory 15


  •  On Events Tab

    • This will record all the actions by User/Host on the Virtual machines/Host.

    • While we’re working on some issue it is very useful find ‘who did what’.


ESXi Host Inventory 16


  • On Permissions Tab

    • Permissions tablets the Administrator to give the permissions to users on ESXi level on VM Level


ESXi Host Inventory 17


ESXi Host Inventory18