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vMotions Compatability ( EVC

Enhanced VMotion Compatibility (EVC)

  • Enhanced VMotion Compatibility (EVC) is designed to ensure the CPU compatibility between ESX hosts. EVC leverages the Intel FlexMigration technology as well as the AMD-V Extended Migration technology to present the same feature set as the baseline processors.

  • This means if we have different CPU on Hosts from same vendor/family (Intel/AMD) we can do migration by enabling EVC mode.

  • We can’t use the migration if we have CPU’s on hosts from different vendors.


Configuring EVC

  • We can configure the EVC from Cluster Properties.

    • Right Click on Cluster >> Edit Settings.





  • Select ‘VMware EVC’ >> Change EVC Mode




  • Select EVC for Intel/AMD CPU family.




  • Select the EVC Mode.




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