Concepts of RDBMS and DBMS

What is the table?

RDBMS uses tables to store the data. A table is a collection of related data which is stored in rows and columns.

A simple example table in RDBMS looks like below:
Let us take an example of Employee table


ID NO Employee Name Designation Age
1 Ajay Designer 26
2 Deepak Developer 30
3 Rakesh Accountant 28
4 Srikanth Manager 35


What are row and column?

The row in the table is also called as a record. It contains information about each individual entry in the table. In simple, we can say that is a horizontal entity.


1 Ajay Designer 26


The column is a vertical entity which contains information associated with the specific field of a table. For example, the Employee Name is a column which contains all names of employees associated to it as shown below


Employee Name