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Introducing Visual Studio

About Visual Studio:

Visual Studio is nothing but the Visual IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which is needed to development applications with .NET Framework. 


.NET Framework is execution environment of .Net Programs where as VS.NET is just an editor tool used to write .Net code or develop applications using .net framework.


Visual Studio Versions:

.NET Framework VersionVisual Studio VersionDate of Release
.NET Framework 1.0Visual Studio 2002April 2003
.NET Framework 1.1Visual Studio 2003April 2003
.NET Framework 2.0Visual Studio 2005November 2005
.NET Framework 3.0Visual Studio 2005November 2006
.NET Framework 3.5Visual Studio 2008November 2007
.NET Framework 4.0Visual Studio 2010April 2010
.NET Framework 4.5Visual Studio 2012September 2012
.NET Framework 4.5Visual Studio 2013October 2013
.NET Framework 4.6Visual Studio 2015July 2015



Getting started with Visual Studio:

To start with Visual Studio 2015 (the latest version till-to-date),

 Click “Start” –> “Programs” –> “Microsoft Visual Studio 2015”


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