Introduction to .Net

The .net environment is easy to get hold of, provided you have some basic knowledge of the various other related programming languages such as C Sharp. Development of this program depends on the decisions that you need to take into account with respect to design and compilation of code in it. Similarly, the behavior of various applications to is equally important. Created by the developers at Microsoft,NET programming language helps to create useful applications. Framework for .NET is nothing but the set of code required by a programmer so that he or she can write a program in an exclusive way.


The managed software .Net platform runs primarily on Windows by Microsoft which is in practice since 2000. The program comprises of a library called - Framework Class Library (FCL). There is a proper environment based upon the extensive use of the software. It is referred to as CLR i.e. Common Language Runtime. This virtual machine application performs the task of providing security and manages memory along with great handling.


Platform for .NET

The platform for .NET helps you to learn and gain a better understanding of the program. Its elements such as The Common Language Runtime (CLR), Framework Class Library (FCL) and support provided by the programming language for various languages proves beneficial to get a better understanding of the program.


Drawbacks of Current Trends in .NET

  • One of the biggest drawbacks of .NET is the limited support for the relational object. This is mostly because the program comes with a framework.
  • .NET doesn’t come with the support for multi platforms. Moreover, it is not available when you install Visual Studio
  • Code for managing can be slow that the code for native
  • .NET comprise of a lock-in for the vendor. Any sort of development depends on totally upon Microsoft
  • Any sort of migration of an application may prove a costly affair
  • Net Framework – BCL & CLR l Key design goals
  • Framework for .NET Framework comprise of a class, an interface as well as value types. All these things help the process of development. Besides, it also proves useful to extend some access to the functionality of the system. Most of the types of frameworks of .NET are compliant with CLS. The best thing about them is that they can be utilized for most of the programming languages.