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What is an operating system

An operating system is a software which acts as an interface between the user and the hardware. Commonly used operating systems are Windows, MAC- osX, UNIX/Linux.


What are the Functions of an operating system?

  • Booting the system.

  • Managing the basic computer tasks like managing various peripherals for example mouse and keyboard.

  • Provides user interface like CLI (command line interface) and GUI (Graphical user interface).
  • Handles system resources such as computer's memory and sharing of the central processing unit (CPU).


What is Hardware?

Hardware comprises of physical devices like CPU, Monitor, printer, mouse etc.,

The user can perform several tasks on hardware using the operating system. This shows that the operating system is an interface between the user and the hardware.


The process of accessing the hardware.




List out Different Operating systems as you know?




Above mentioned are a couple of operating systems that we know so far and a couple we might encounter over a period in IT industry.

There are other operating systems like RTOS,VXWorksetc..Wedin’tspecify here.


In this tutorial, we are going to focus more on Linux based operating systems for enterprise servers.


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