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RHEL Download in Linux OS

RHEL is an enterprise version Linux operating system distributed by Redhat organization. It is a licensced product. But redhat also provides a 30 days evaluation version of actual RHEL software.

We have downloaded the evaluation version for our setup purpose.

Step by Step Procedure for registration & download:

  • To download Redhat Enterprise Linux Register at

  • Click the login button on the right side top corner of the window.
  • After clicking on register enter your details and create an account for yourself.

     Login with the registered credentials and proceed further.




  • After logging in to Redhat website, we can see following window.




  • Click on downloads tab and then select the "Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Start Evaluation" link.






  • Click the continue tab under "Red Hat Enterprise Linux server". Then the following window will appear.




  • In the above window click on the "Download latest" in green colour to download the Iso file.




  • From the above screen we can select the version of rhel we want to download.  We have selected rhel 6.5 and the architecture is x86_64. The architecture may vary from hardware to hardware.

    Now scroll down window till the following appears.




Click the download button for initiating the downloading.

Now your .iso file is ready for installation.