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Linux OS Architecture

The architecture of Lnix based os contains three parts majorly they are

  • Shell - It is an interface between user and kernel. It interprets the user commands and executes them on kerne. To know more about Shell, clik Shell
  • Kernel - Kernel is the part of the operating system that interacts directly with the hardware. More on kernel, refer Kernel
  • Hardware - it is combination of all peripherals associated with system. For example, RAM, CPU, printer, scanner, Harddisk etc.


For example, we are saving or modifying the file in our system. This means that we are making the changes in the hard disk, but we are not making the changes in the hard disk directly.




  • We are instructing the shell to perform a suitable task though commands.
  • Shell decodes this command to machine understandable language and sent to kernet for execution.
  • The kernel generates the instruction set to the processor and processor will make the changes directly on hard disk by using the memory.
  • Here memory, processor and the hard disk are in hardware layer.