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Linux Basics Tutorial


Who this Linux course is for ?

In organization level, there could be different levels of Linux knowledge requirement based on JOB Role. Here, we present how our content can be used to achieve their respective purpose.

We have arranged everything in an organized way, keeping one's individual goals.


If you are not a Linux administrator?

But need to have Linux basic skill set to support your technology, then you can follow "First steps" in Linux.




If you are a Linux Administrator?

In a corporate environment, a Linux admin has to work with different teams such as Networking, security or other application & technology administration teams.

So, we need to have a good amount of basic or in-depth knowledge of those sectors. This will help one's job easy in resolving the issues and supporting the projects.



If you are aiming for Linux Interview Questions with examples?

Then we have the full in-depth review of Linux questions based on topic wise. We have presented Linux command with practical example and their usage in real time project support.


  • Questions are organized at each topic level
  • Also listed out the practical usage of those Linux commands with examples
  • We have presented diagrams representations for most of the questions for easy understanding.
  • Also, these questions are aligned for RHEL certifications also.