What is ssh?

  • Ssh Is the networking protocol which is used to administrate the remote Linux /UNIX machine. We also use ssh protocol to work on sftp service.
  • The ssh client transmits its authentication information in encrypted format. It provides more security.
  • The main purpose of using ssh is for administrating the remote system.
  • SSH means secure shell.
  • The configuration file for ssh service is ‘/etc/ssh/sshd_config’.
  • The daemon or service for ssh is sshd.
  • The port number used for the ssh protocol is 22.


How to access the remote machine using ssh?

Generally, we use putty tool for accessing the remote machine in our environment. We can call the server by its IP address and the hostname of the server.

If the client is in the /etc/hosts file then we call the server using its hostname otherwise, we call the server using its IP address.


The command is as follows.

#ssh <server_ip_address>


If there are any errors during the connection between the client and the server we check the sshd process is running or not.

Checking the sshd service as follows.

#service sshd status


To start the sshd service

#service sshd start.


The ssh daemon will be active during the installation of the rhel machine.


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