Client Side Configuration:

• Install the NFS packages

[root@sys2 ~]# yum install nfs*


• To know available file systems to mount on NFS do as follows

[root@sys2 ~]# showmount -e This is the server IP addr
Export list for
/repo *


• To mount the shared file systems do as follows.

[root@sys2 ~]# mkdir /copy
[root@sys2 ~]# mount -t nfs /copy


• Check whether the file system is mounted or not.

[root@sys2 /]# df -h
Filesystem             Size     Used    Avail    Use%    Mounted on
/dev/sda2              15G      3.1G    11G      23%      /
tmpfs                  932M     76K     932M     1%       /dev/shm
/dev/sda1              2.9G     95M     2.7G     4%       /boot
/dev/sdb1              5.0G     3.7G    1.1G     77%      /repo
/dev/sr0               3.5G     3.5G    0        100%     /media/RHEL_                                                                6.4x86_64 Disc 1      5.0G     3.7G    1.1G     78%     /copy


From the above output our shared file system is mounted successfully.

• Now verify the contents as follows.

[root@sys2 /]# cd copy
[root@sys2 copy]# ls
EFI              media.repo                        RELEASE-NOTES-or-IN.html
EULA             Packages                          RELEASE-NOTES-pa-IN.html
EULA_de          README                            RELEASE-NOTES-pt-BR.html
EULA_en          RELEASE-NOTES-as-IN.html          RELEASE-NOTES-ru-RU.html
EULA_es          RELEASE-NOTES-bn-IN.html          RELEASE-NOTES-si-LK.html
EULA_fr          RELEASE-NOTES-de-DE.html          RELEASE-NOTES-ta-IN.html
EULA_it          RELEASE-NOTES-en-US.html          RELEASE-NOTES-te-IN.html
EULA_ja          RELEASE-NOTES-es-ES.html          RELEASE-NOTES-zh-CN.html
EULA_ko          RELEASE-NOTES-fr-FR.html          RELEASE-NOTES-zh-TW.html
EULA_pt          RELEASE-NOTES-gu-IN.html          repodata
EULA_zh          RELEASE-NOTES-hi-IN.html          ResilientStorage
GPL              RELEASE-NOTES-it-IT.html          RPM-GPG-KEY-redhat-beta
HighAvailability RELEASE-NOTES-ja-JP.html          RPM-GPG-KEY-redhat-                                                        release
images           RELEASE-NOTES-kn-IN.html          ScalableFileSystem
isolinux         RELEASE-NOTES-ko-KR.html          Server
LoadBalancer     RELEASE-NOTES-ml-IN.html          TRANS.TBL
lost+found       RELEASE-NOTES-mr-IN.html


Go to the /repo directory of server and verify the content.

• Add some files from the client and check whether it is updated on the server sisde or not

[root@sys2 copy]# touch 1  2  3  4  5
[root@sys2 copy]# ls
1               isolinux                     RELEASE-NOTES-mr-IN.html
2               LoadBalancer                 RELEASE-NOTES-or-IN.html
3               lost+found                   RELEASE-NOTES-pa-IN.html
4               media.repo                   RELEASE-NOTES-pt-BR.html
5               Packages                     RELEASE-NOTES-ru-RU.html
EFI             README                       RELEASE-NOTES-si-LK.html
EULA            RELEASE-NOTES-as-IN.html     RELEASE-NOTES-ta-IN.html
EULA_de         RELEASE-NOTES-bn-IN.html     RELEASE-NOTES-te-IN.html
EULA_en         RELEASE-NOTES-de-DE.html     RELEASE-NOTES-zh-CN.html
EULA_es         RELEASE-NOTES-en-US.html     RELEASE-NOTES-zh-TW.html
EULA_fr         RELEASE-NOTES-es-ES.html     repodata
EULA_it         RELEASE-NOTES-fr-FR.html     ResilientStorage
EULA_ja         RELEASE-NOTES-gu-IN.html     RPM-GPG-KEY-redhat-beta
EULA_ko         RELEASE-NOTES-hi-IN.html     RPM-GPG-KEY-redhat-release
EULA_pt         RELEASE-NOTES-it-IT.html     ScalableFileSystem
EULA_zh         RELEASE-NOTES-ja-JP.html     Server
GPL             RELEASE-NOTES-kn-IN.html     TRANS.TBL
images          RELEASE-NOTES-ml-IN.html


Yes files are creating and updating successfully if not change the permissions of the /repo directory.


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