Brocade 5100 switch:


Introducing the Brocade 5100 switch:

         The Brocade 5100 is an enterprise-class 8 Gbps Fibre Channel switch, It is designed to handle the large-scale SAN requirements of an enterprise, and can also be used to address the SAN requirements of a small & medium level Enterprises.It runs on the inbuilt Fabric Operating System (Fabric OS) and is compatible with other devices on the network like SAN devices , hosts and hubs, which enables seamless connectivity into heterogeneous SAN environments. Because the switch is scalable through additional port activation, It calls a found be used as a Principal switch for a small storage area network (SAN) and continue to use it as a building block as the SAN grows.


Why we Need a Switch / What Switch Exactly do?

  • Transfers huge amount of data between  two data centers in order to meet the  increasing daily business activities like disaster recovery and business continuity objectives with high performance and scalability
  • Providing security over large data flows over long distances with unmatched performance failures.
  • Handles Effective load balancing and network robust with trunkated ports to increase utilization and protection against Network link failures.
  • Capable of handling online firmware upgrade activities.
  • The data flow can be more secured between the Data centers and seamlessly switching between the network with failures.
  • Better troubleshooting Handling capabilities.
  • Provides high scalability and cost effectiveness for all main business needs.