What is HTML and Why is it needed?

 HTML basically stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a markup language that is used for describing web pages or web documents.

In simple words to understand the dependency of HTML on web pages,

No HTML       --->     No Web pages and websites.


Important information:

  • HTML is the collection of many different tags and each tag has its own functionality.

  • HTML code is executed on browsers, not at OS level.

  • HTML is also used for linking one page to another page on the website.


Let's see as an example, below

HTML Syntax:




This is My First Webpage

My First paragraph.


The above syntax is explained here:


Declaration explains what version of HTML tags are used. This makes the browser job easy in understanding the tags.


<html> and </html>

Anything specified with in this tag is a web page.

These are starting and ending tag of an HTML document.


<head> and </head>

A generic placeholder for HTML document header information.

It is an optional one.

Most of the information within these tags are not visible to naked eye.


<title> and </title>

Gives the title tag of HTML web page.

It is best practice to place it within <head> tags.


<body> and </body>

Information to be visible on web page is provided here.


<h1> and </h1>

Tags used for highlighting the header information in web page content.

There are multiple heading tags are in HTML. We have discussed them here.


<p> and </p>

Information to be displayed as paragraph section for ease of decoration.



 The very first thing that needs to be inserted in an HTML document, even before the <html> tag, is the <!DOCTYPE> declaration.  

This declaration instructs the web browser regarding the version of the HTML, in which the page is written.


The <!DOCTYPE> declaration in the HTML version 4.01 refers to a DTD, as that version was based on SGML. DTD is used to specify the rules for the markup language, which enables the browsers to provide the constant correctly.


HTML5 does not require a reference to a DTD, as it is not based on SGML. So, one should always add the <!DOCTYPE> declaration to your HTML documents, which will let the browser know about the type of document to expect.




The content of the document......