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We all live in a world which is networked together, from internet banking to
government infrastructure, and thus, network protection is no longer an optional
extra. Cyber-attack is now an international concern, as high-profile breaches have
given many concerns that hacks and other security attacks could endanger the
global economy.

A cyber-attack is a deliberate exploitation of computer systems, technologydependent
enterprises, and networks. Cyber-attackers use malicious code and
software to alter computer code, logic, or data, resulting in disruptive
consequences that can compromise data and lead to cyber-crimes such as
information and identity theft or system infiltration

The IT security world has witnessed huge demand in the recent years and
this transition is majorly due to the global acknowledgment for the need for IT

The job of an IT security professional revolves around protecting the IT
systems.This includes network, infrastructure and all other information grounds of
IT.Securing information assets, customer data, financial information and other
critical IT information etc. is the key responsibility of an IT security professional.

Their role designates them with the responsibility to provide access to information
to users based on their necessity and identity. Information is given away to people
only when they are legitimately eligible for the access.


Ethical Hacking Classroom Timing

Ethical Hacking Course Syllabus

Description of hacking vs Ethical hacking
Types of Hackers
Skill Profile of a Hacker
Some Famous Hackers and Groups
Cyber World
Advantage and Disadvantage of Cyberworld
Cyber World as a Home of hackers

What Is Information Gathering
Why Hackers Need This?
Types Of Reconnaissance
Reconnaissance Using Websites
Reconnaissance Using Software
Reconnaissance Using Add-Ons
Search Engines- Smart Way Of Reconnaissance
Scanning And Enumeration
Tracing - E-Mail, Mobile Phone
Open Source Intelligence - Tools and techniques

Introduction to Operating Systems
Windows & Linux Operating Systems
Windows Security Issues
Hacking Windows (Xp / Win 7)
Hacking Windows 10
System Hacking - Counter Measures
Services, Ports, Protocols
Firewall Configuration
Monitoring System

Introduction To Malware Analysis
Types Of Malware
Virus, Worms, Backdoors, Spyware, Ad-ware
Introduction to Trojans
Trojans Attack Famous Cases
Ways a Trojan Can Get Into A System
Analysis Of Trojans/Virus
How we remove Trojans Manually
Security Against Malwares
Immediate response against malware

Introduction and Working of Search Engines
List of Common Search Engines on Web
Comparing and Choosing Best Search Engine
Dorks For Hacking Search Engines
Tools for Search Engines Hacking
Finding Admin Pages and Weakness In Site
Security against Search Engine Hacking

Introduction To Networks ( LAN /WAN )
Understanding Communication Protocols
Sniffing Attacks
DOS & DDOS Attack
Man - In - Middle - Attacks
RIP attacks, IP spoofing, Mac Spoofing
Firewall Configuration & Maintenance
Network Monitoring & Analysis
ISP Attacks
Logs Maintenance

Introduction to Social Engineering
Types of Social Engineering
Tools Based
World's Biggest Social Engineering Cases
Web-based Social Engineering
Vulnerability in Social Engineering
Analyzing a Social Engineering Attack
Kali Linux - Social Engineering Toolkit

Proxy And Types Of Proxies
Why Hackers Use Proxy?
Advantage And Disadvantage Of Proxy
How Proxy Hack Your Passwords Etc
What Is VPN?
Why We Use VPN
Advantage & Disadvantage Of VPN
Free VPN

Data hiding with Steganography
What Is Steganography
Alternate data stream in NTFS
How Attacker Hides His Data in Images and Other Formats
How to Find Data Which Are Hidden
Data Security with Cryptography
What Is Cryptography
Securing Data by Using EFS and BitLocker
Advanced Cryptography Tools
Vera crypt and Trucrypt

Legal and Ethical Implications
Types of Penetration Testing
White Box Penetration Testing
Black Box Penetration Testing
Grey Box Penetration Testing
Setting Up Web Application Penetration Testing Lab

Collecting and Installing PenTest Tools
Flexible Browser with Security Add-ons
Setting up Browser Proxies
Introduction To Burpsuite
Introduction To OWASP
Introduction of Websites & Database
Authentication Process Of Web Application
Attack on Website & Web Application
Get and Post Parameters
SQL Injection Attacks
Cross site scripting
Session hijacking
RFI & LFI Attacks
Data tampering


Services In Kali
Service Management
Basic commands(files,directories,searching..)
Terminal and Its Usage
Essential Tools
Shells (Bind and Reverse Shell)
All Kinds Of Hacking Techniques with Kali Linux

Firewall Planning and Design
Developing a Security Policy
Firewall Configuration Strategies
Windows Firewall
Packet Filtering
Working with Proxy Servers and Application-Level Firewalls
Authenticating Users
Encryption and Firewalls
Setting Up a Virtual Private Network
Building Your Own Firewall
Examine and classify Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
SNORT,Zone Alaram e.t.c
Network Intrution Detection System(NIDS)
Host Intrution Detection System(HIDS)
Honeypots and Honeynets
Legal and Ethical Aspects

iOS and Android architectures basics
Android and iOS vulnerabilities in-depth
Covers mobile OSs security mechanisms and implementations
Covers Mobile applications reverse engineering
In depth mobile applications static and dynamic analysis
Practice on real world mobile applications
Build your own home lab on mobile application security
Covers: APKTool, Dex2Jar, GDB Debugger, Cycript.
Hacking Mobile Platforms (Android)
Android Automated Hacking
Andriod Manual Hacking Techniques
Mobile Application Security Techniques
Mobile Security Laws

Physical Security
Current Statistics
Accountability and
Need of Physical Security
Factors Affecting Physical Security
Physical Security Checklist
Company Surroundings

Workstation Area
Wireless Access Points
Other Equipments such as fax, removable media etc
Access Control
Equipment Maintenance
Remote Access

Wireless HackingConcept of Cryptography
Advantages and uses of Cryptography
PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
DES , AES , Algamal , e.t.c.
Algorithm’s of encryption–RSA, MD5, SHA, SSL, PGP, SSH, GAK
Concept of Digital Signature
Encryption Cracking Techniques
Disk Encryption
CA (Certificate Authority)

Wireless Technology
Introduction to wireless networking
Basics & Terminologies
Advantages of Wireless Technology
Components of Wireless Network
Types of Wireless Network
Setting and detecting a Wireless Network
Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Network
Near Field Communication Concepts(NFC)
Bluetoth Technology and Security
Antennas, SSID, Access Point Positioning and Rogue Access Point
Concept of Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
MAC Sniffing & AP Spoofing
Terminology of Wi-Fi Access
Denial-of-Service and MITM Attack in Wi-Fi
Wireless Intrusion Detection System
Hacking WPA/WPA2
Introduction to Aircrack,Fluxion e.t.c.
Tips to Secure Wireless Network

Introduction To Assembly Language
Concept of Reverse Engineering
Positive Application of Reverse Engineering
Ethical Reverse Engineering
Program Obfuscation
Whydo you need to decompile?
NET Obfuscator and NET Obfuscation
Java Byte Code Decompilers
How does OllyDbg Work
Cracking Application Using OllyDbg,WinHex, Hex Workshop
Hardware Security

Introduction to Identity Theft
Identity Theft Occurrence
Impact of Identity Theft Fraud
Types of Identity Theft
Dumpster Diving
Change of ID
E-Mail Theft
Data Breach
ATM Schemers / Hand-held Skimmers
Shoulder Surfing
Prevention Techniques

Concept of Vulnerability Assessment
Purpose Types of Assessment
Vulnerability Classification
How to Conduct Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability Analysis Stages
Vulnerability Assessment Considerations
Vulnerability Assessment Reports
TimeLine and Penetration Attempts
Vulnerability Assessment Tools
Security and Vulnerability Assessments
Limitations of Vulnerability Assessments
Assessment & Report writing
Security Measures and Tips

What is Penetration Testing?
Why Penetration Testing is Necessary?
Types of Pen Testing
Penetration Testing Types
External Penetration Testing
Internal Security Assessment
Black Box Penetration Testing
Grey Box Penetration Testing
White Box Penetration Testing
Pen Testing Phases
Phases of Penetration Testing
Pre-Attack Phase
Attack Phase
Enumerating Devices
Post Attack Phase
Penetration Testing Deliverable Templates
Pen Testing Methodology
Terms Of Agreement
Project Scope
Application Security Assessment
Web Application Testing
Network Security Assessment
Metasploit Framework
Exploiting Windows with Metasploit Framework

Security Compliance and Auditing
What is Compliance?
Need for Security Compliance
Standards for Security Compliance
ISO 27001
GDPR e.t.c.
Introduction to IT Auditing
What is Security Auditing?
What is the need for Security Auditing?
Relevance of Compliance Standards in Auditing
Importantance of Risk Management

Understanding Incidents
Exploring the Incident
Paradigm:Classifications and Meaning
Incidents: Types and Functionality
Controlling Incidents
Incident Response: A Brief Overview
Incident Response:Structural Design
Incident Handling & Computer forensicsIncident Handling
Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)?
Define Computer Forensics
Key Rules for Computer Forensics
Computer Forensic Procedure
Identification of Evidence
Preservation of Evidence
Analysis of Evidence
File Recovery,
Data Analysis,
Screen Capture
Chain ofCustody
Introduction of Memory Forensics

What is the cloud?
History of Cloud Computing
How Cloud Computing Works
Advantages & Disadvantages
Applications for Businesses
Cloud Service Providers
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Appengine
Cloud Computing 23 & Security
Cloud Computing Architecture
Cloud ComputingTerminology
Communication-as-a-Service (CaaS)
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS)
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
Cloud Security and Techniques

Need of Internet of Things
Understanding Internet of Things (IOT) Architecture
Security Classification & Access Control
Attack Surface and Threat Assessment
IOT Protocol Built-In Security Features
Exploitation with IoT Devices
Security Management
IoT and the Industrial Sector
IoT and the Connected Home
IoT and Consumer Wearables
Case Studies and Discussion
Smart Homes,Smart Agriculture
Smart Retail Supply,Smart Healthcare
Smart Grid,Smart Cities

Need Of Cyber Law
Cyber Jurisprudence at International and Indian Level
Cyber Law - International Perspectives
Constitutional & Human Rights Issues in Cyberspace
Cyber Crimes & Legal Framework
Intellectual Property Issues in Cyber Space
E Commerce
Dispute Resolution in Cyberspace
IT Act 2000
Important IT Laws - INDIA

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Yes, we do provide live case studies after the course completion. We will help you in implementing these case studies.
Yes, you can. We cover the concepts keeps complete naive in mind. But be sure, that you have to put up some extra efforts during the practice sessions etc.
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