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DevOps Consultant Course Syllabus

What is DevOps?
History of DevOps
DevOps objectives
Prerequisites for DevOps
Traditional Responsibility Silos
Waterfall vs Agile vs DevOps
Tools listed in DevOps (Jenkins, Ansible, Docker and so on)
Introduction to AWS
Launching an EC2 instance & terminologies
Auto Scaling EC2 environment
IAM security Policies
AWS Cloudwatch
About Oracle Virtualbox / Vagrant
Create and configure Linux Virtual machine
Command line utilities & Basic commands
Linux Filesystem
Text Editors (VIM)
Users & Group administration
File permissions & Ownerships
Handle basic installations in Linux environment
Scripting Introduction
Basic Understanding of Shell Scripting
Shell Variable
Shell Decision Making
Shell Functions and Array’s
Debugging Shell Scripts
GIT Introduction
Setup own repository with GitHub
Installation of GIT in linux / Windows
Initial Setup
Working on local / remote repository
Clone repository
Branching strategies
Merging strategies
Managing release
Introduction of Jira and Project management
Setting up Planning and managing WBS
Creating and configuring workflows/issue types/attributes/Screens
Various Features in Jira
Integrating Git with Jira
Displaying git commits in Jira
Jira Dashboards for reporting
What is Maven & Issues addressed by It
Maven Installation & Configuration
Maven Life Cycle
POM XML file
Understanding Groupid, Artifactid & Versions in Maven
Maven integration with Git
Implementing a Maven Build as a Project
Difference between ANT/ Maven
Introduction to Continuous Integration and Jenkins
Installation and configuration of Jenkins
Managing Jenkins – Securing Jenkins, Managing Credentials, Plugin
manage ment, Jenkins Backup
Setting up Builds
Scheduling the Jobs
Installing and Managing Plugins (SCM Plugins/Build/Analysers)
Parameterized Builds
Understanding Deployments
Deploying artifacts to Tomcat server
Deploying artifacts to repository management tool
Jenkins Pipeline Project
Installation and configuration
Manual application deployment
Application deployment automation
Install and configure Sonarqube
Understanding of Sonar Scanner
SonarQube integration with Jenkins
SonarQube Dashboards
Intro & Setup
Software versioning & Hosted repository
Integration with Jenkins
Introduction to containers
Differences between Containers & Virtual Machine
• Difference between Docker Engine Vs Hypervisors
• Docker Architecture 
• Docker hub
• Docker Installation
• Working with Images
• Docker run command 
• Exposing out container
• Docker file, Builds and Network Configuration
• Docker Commands and structure
• Use Cases
Installation and Configuration
Sample server configuration for Monitoring
Nagios Use Case
Introduction to Ansible
Ansible vs Other Tools
Download and Installation
Introduction to YAML
YAML Examples
Test Environment Setup
Ansible Configuration File
Ansible Playbooks
Ansible Modules
Ping, yum, apt, setup, File, find, fetch, Pause, service, copy, command,
Shell, Command, Include, Hostname, Package, Stat etc.
Ansible Use Cases
Ansible Galaxy
Introduction to Chef
Common Chef Terminology
Chef Server
Chef Workstation
Server and Nodes
First Chef Recipe
Use case – Apache
Node Object and Search
Data bags
Chef Environments
Chef Cookbooks
Writing/Uploading/Running first Cookbook
Changing the metadata
Updating the Cookbooks
Chef Supermarket
Recipes from Chef supermarke

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FAQs About DevOps Consultant Training Course

Yes, we do provide live case studies after the course completion. We will help you in implementing these case studies.
Yes, you can. We cover the concepts keeps complete naive in mind. But be sure, that you have to put up some extra efforts during the practice sessions etc.
Yes, once you have completed course and implemented the practical case studies, We will provide course completion certification from our end.
Yes, we do provide live case studies after the course completion. We will help you in implementing these case studies.
Yes, you can. We cover the concepts keeps complete naive in mind. But be sure, that you have to put up some extra efforts during the practice sessions etc.
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