How to create WebLogic domain?

Weblogic domain is created after the WebLogic server installation. For installation of Weblogic 10.3.6 in Linux platform, please click here.

  • Go to directory /u01/oracle1036/Middleware/wlserver_10.3/common/bin and run file.
    cd /u01/oracle1036/Middleware/wlserver_10.3/common/bin

This will open a domain configuration wizard.

Select “create a new WebLogic domain” radio button and click next to continue.





  • Select required domain templates.

    ♦ By default,“basic WebLogic server domain” template is selected.

We are going to keep default settings and click next to continue.

Note: We will learn about the other options, as we get into the course content. So we are ignoring them here.




  •  Kindly enter your domain name and click next to continue.


domain name



  •  Enter password for WebLogic user,

    ♦ Remember, this user is going to be default administrator user on this WebLogic server.

    ♦ click next to continue.


configure admin



  • Next window, select production mode under startup mode and desired JDK.
    In Development mode, the configuration of security is relatively relaxed, allowing you to auto-deploy applications whereas security is fully configured in production mode.

Click next


configure server



  •  Select,
    “Administration Server” and
    “Managed Servers, Clusters and Machines “checkboxes.

Click next.


optional configure



  •  Admin server configuration window will open.

    ♦ Enter admin server name,

    ♦ Listen address and

    ♦ Listen port

And then click “NEXT”.


admin server



  • Enter

    ♦ managed server name,

    ♦ listen address and

    ♦ listen port on managed server configuration screen

Click “Next”.



managed server


  •  Here we are going to configure the cluster.

    ♦ Enter cluster name

    ♦ cluster messaging mode.

Click next.


configure cluster



  • The server will be displayed on left-hand side under server. YouWe have to select the server and use the forward arrow (=>) to assign it to the cluster.

           Assign managed server to cluster and click next.



assign server


  • Select Unix Machine tab and enter,

    ♦ machine name,

    ♦ node manager listen address

    ♦ node manager listen port

    ♦ keeping other values to default.

Click next.


configure machine


  •  The server will be displayed on the left-hand side under server. We have to select the server and use the forward arrow (=>) to assign it to the machine.

             Assign servers to machine and click next.


server to machine



  • Configuration summary will be displayed on the screen.

        Click create



configure summary



creating domain


  • Once domain creation is completed click on “DONE”


This will create test_domain under