What is Autosys?

In simple terms,

  •  Autosys is an automated job control system for scheduling,monitoring and reporting jobs.
  • The jobs can reside on an Autosys configured machine attached to a network.

Before getting more details about autosys, let's try to understand some basics terms of it.

Let’s understand, What is meant by Job on a system?

The job is nothing but a particular activity on a system.

For Example,
I want to copy a particular file on Unix/Windows machine from one directory to another one. This is considered as activity/task.

It involves a manual process of executing a command on that machine. But using (cron job or Windows-AT) we can automate it based on time.


What is Cron tab & Windows-AT? Explain about them?

One may have a question why we require a third party software when this can be achieved through cron Utility in Unix.
Cron indeed a feature available in Unix but still it lacks some of the functionalities like job
dependencies, run window,calendar features(You will learn about these in coming sessions)


Why do we need Autosys?

  •  As we have discussed above, most basic job scheduling is done using Unix - cron (or windows - AT), which is time-based.
    It will fire the job based on the clock.
  •  However, in real business, you need to fire jobs not just based on scheduled time, but also based on events
    (like an arrival of a file), and, based on the success or failure of other jobs.
  •  Autosys is a total job scheduling solution that allows you to define these events, dependencies,
    time schedules, alerts, etc, making it a complete data center automation tool.
  •  A reliable, easy to use the system that enables the user to completely manage their entire Job Processing requirements.
  •  This is a product from Computer Associates.


What is an Autosys-job?

An autosys job can be,

  •  A single command executed on a validated machine, (command, in turn, could have multiple tasks).
  •  Autosys-jobs can be defined using Graphical User interface (GUI) or Job Information Language (JIL).
  •  Any single command, executable script or NT batch file. It includes a set of qualifying attributes ,conditions specifying when and where an autosys-job should be run.